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About me

Ben has been practising complimentary therapies since 2004. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Acupuncture from the University of Kingston after studying for 3 and half years at the College of Chinese Integrated Medicine. He has taken post graduate courses in numerous areas from sports injuries, trigger point therapy, fertility and digestive complaints. He started his career as a sports massage therapist which has given him a broad range of experience in treating musculoskeletal pain.

"Unlike a lot of other acupuncturists I did not train to become an acupuncturist because I suffered from a condition that conventional medicine could not cure and was helped by acupuncture but was drawn to it because of its philosophy, way of life and perception of health that just made sense.

I became aware of oriental philosophy through my experience of qi gong (pronounced chee gong)  which is a series of  graceful movements with controlled breathing techniques and meditation developed to enhance ones health. It looks very similar to tai chi to the untrained eye.

It was through this that I was exposed to Chinese ideas about diet, exercise, mediation and philosophy (I have explored these ideas further in the articles section). That interest led me to becoming a massage practitioner which confirmed to me that I wanted to take my training further and eventually decided to train to become an acupuncturist.

I have regular acupuncture and massage myself as I believe prevention is better than cure and find it maintains my health. I remember my first acupuncture session. I had started my acupuncture training and thought I probably should have some acupuncture. I wasn’t ill and overall considered myself to be healthy. My only real problem was that I used to grind my teeth and felt my jaw was under constant tension. Literally about 30 seconds after the needles went in my jaw just relaxed and the tension just disappeared (the needles were also not anywhere near my jaw). After a few sessions I felt more alive and energetic than I had been for a while which confirmed I had made the right choice.

I am constantly amazed and surprised at just how powerful acupuncture can be for so many conditions from young babies to the elderly. Every day really is different as every patient is unique and presents me with new challenges.

I have particular interest in treating musculoskeletal conditions, chronic pain, post surgery pain, sports injuries, fertility, endometriosis and chronic fatigue. I have taken post graduate courses in numerous areas from sports injuries, trigger point therapy, fertility, acupuncture and ivf and digestive complaints.

I treat each patient as an individual and always strive to help you back to health as quickly as possible."


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